Hospitality Guru

Will Patton

Will is known for endless energy, infectious enthusiasm, sharp humor, eagerness to learn, generous spirit, and humble nature. When it comes to tracking him around the world, he can be hard to nail down. You can be confident that when you do find him you've come to a great place. You are as likely to bounce into him searching for an authentic noodle restaurant on a metropolitan street as you are to witness him take off behind the peak then pull into the barrel at any empty and hard to reach Indonesian reef break. His diverse work experience in hospitality is second to none when it comes to helping you make the most of your next trip. Will has led expeditions all over the world and in all different capacities. He's guided surfing in Fiji and Indonesia, taught skiing in Tahoe, and managed luxury lodges in Utah. His leadership skills and motivated personality drive him to excel in every aspect of destination travel. While we can’t guarantee he will be present during your week, we are fortunate to have him as part of our team!


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