Head Chef

Taite Pearson

Your personal chef for the week, Taite Pearson, is as comfortable on a snowboard or with a fly rod in his hand, as he is creating Michelin quality cuisine for you. With a diverse background working for other greats, and owning multiple restaurants; he has the ability to cook almost any cuisine, personalizing your experience with TPX. Come for epic terrain and conditions, come back for what makes us different. Our culinary program is one of those differences. “I just love taking care of great people. That’s what TPX does best and I’m grateful to be a part of it.” - Chef Taite // Fly-Fishing Guide Here’s what a 2022 guest had to say about TPX: ​“All star crew were all great, Chef Taite was almost too good at his job, it was ridiculous.” - Will Hutchinson


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