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Triple Point Expeditions is uniquely positioned in the heli-ski industry. There is no one quite like us out there and we are difficult to compare to other operations. It is certainly not as simple as comparing price, hobbs time, etc. We’ve found that a short phone call can easily answer this question but we’ll try here:

It is our belief that in order to make the absolute most of your Alaska heli-ski trip you must keep a few key principles in mind. When planning it's important to do your research on the prospective operation and find the one right for you. Our goal is to deliver an amazing experience, a safety focused approach, leading fly-day percentage, endless skiing, terrain options for all ability levels, flexibility for your needs, customization of your itinerary and boutique hospitality accommodations.

The TPX approach focuses on size, location and experience: 

Our size allows for a boutique feel, customized approach and nimbleness to access the best skiing whenever possible. We can mobilize quickly, move strategically and focus on our guests from start to finish.

Palmer’s location provides seamless access via a major airport and the state's largest city, a road system for remote logistics and most importantly flexibility to strike a balance between skiing the coastal or interior ranges which allows us to deliver the best terrain, snow conditions and weather window options for our guests on a consistent basis. We are grateful to have endless terrain choices encompassing 360 degrees around us and built in mobility from our location enabling us to consistently ski more.

Lastly we are experience focused. This is highlighted by our staff of leading professionals from the guide team to the front of the house to our executive chef. Every member has extensive experience, expertise, credentials and training. And two, we are steadfast on delivering the best guest experience at all times. You will not get lost in the shuffle or miss opportunities to score Alaska heli-skiing at its best.

Small group heli-skiing starts with an A-Star and 1 to 2 groups utilizing that machine. The next piece is how many guests are staying with the operation.

This may not seem important, but in Alaska you need flexibility, adaptability, logistics, patience and the right team around you. The more groups to move and the more helicopters to coordinate makes it exponentially harder to get the maximum ski potential, exceptional fly day percentages and guest focus Triple Point is known for.

We operate with a maximum of 2 groups of 4 guests and purposefully cap our capacity at 8 people.

We don’t sell a week we don't believe in or wouldn't want to go ourselves. It is our goal to ski more and therefore we only operate when all the factors are in your favor. The main components to keep in mind are: daylight hours, temperatures and storm patterns. These key factors change dramatically at northern latitudes in the spring and each week has its own unique characteristics

Historically prime time Alaska Helicopter Skiing is February, March and April and therefore those are the weeks we offer.

February Characteristics: Shorter days. Cold temperatures. Cold, deep and dry powder. Beautiful light. Skiing is possible on almost every aspect of the compass. Northern lights viewing potential. Consistent storm tracks and frequent resets.

March Characteristics: A mix between Feb and April as the month transitions..

April Characteristics: Longer days. Warmer temps. Bigger operational windows. Excellent steep skiing. Longer clear stretches. Narrower aspect options due to solar gain.

A key point to always remember is: “YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN”. The only time you can be 100% confident you are not skiing in Alaska is when you are not here.

As a company our team has traveled the globe in search of the ultimate heli-ski terrain, snow conditions and unique destinations. Palmer checked all the boxes and exceeded all expectations for the kind of operation envisioned:

  • We are remote, but still easy to get to so you won’t be stranded in a hotel due to weather trying to get to the lodge.
  • The mountains surrounding Palmer provide accessibility to amazing terrain for all skill levels
  • There are a variety of weather climates in close proximity enabling us to deliver more skiing
  • Alternative activity options are plentiful and easy to access if we are prevented from flying
  • Palmer is close to Anchorage providing not only a major airport but important facilities and services including:
  • Major hospitals and trauma centers in case of emergencies
  • Easy access to parts and services for helicopter maintenance to keep a well maintained fleet and quickly fix any problems that may arise
  • An extensive road system for remote logistics easily expanding our reach to ski more
  • Fresh produce to deliver excellent food

Lastly it was unexplored and empty of other operators. Other parts of the state had become extremely crowded and overrun. Palmer was below the radar at large and under utilized as a ski destination.

We fly in the Chugach, Talkeetna, Tordillo, Alaska, and Seward regions.We have over 9 million of permitted terrain accessible to our guests.

Travel & Logistics

Commercial: Ted Stevens International Airport (ANC) in Anchorage, Alaska. Palmer is a short 50 minute drive from Anchorage.

Private FBO (ANC): There is a FBO terminal option at Ted Stevens called Signature Aviation. They are located at: 6231 South Airpark Place, Anchorage, Alaska 99502. Their phone number is: (907) 243-7627. We are happy to facilitate any needs if you plan to fly private.

Private (PAAQ): Private jets can land directly into Palmer at Palmer Municipal Airport (PAAQ). The runway is 248 feet in elevation and runway 15/34 is 6,006 feet in length and runway 10/28 is 3,616 in length. Fuel call out services are limited so please call to coordinate with us beforehand if you plan to fly directly into Palmer. PAAQ is approximately 10 minutes from the lodge.

Scheduled transfers between Anchorage and our lodge in Palmer are included in your package. Arrival day pick up will occur at 5PM on the Saturday of your trip date start at Ted Stevens International Airport. Our driver will meet you at the lower level arrivals exit on the left. See the photos below (red square).

Saturday change over days consist of many moving parts so please use the following parameters when booking flights to and from Anchorage. **Additionally please see the caveat about potentially skiing on arrival and departure day when making decisions on arrivals and departures.

We will always try to be as accommodating as possible. We understand our guests travel from all over the country and the world and flight time options may be limited. In order to maximize transportation logistics we may ask for your patience to wait for the rest of your group to arrive if times are close to one another.

Arrival: We will pick all inbound guests at ANC International in the afternoon on the saturday of your arrival. Curbside pick up times are coordinated for 5 PM.

Departure: Check out time from your room on departure day is 10 AM. We will leave shortly thereafter for the airport if your group is not skiing that day.

If your group is skiing on departure day we will depart for the airport at approximately 4PM.

It is about a 50 minute drive to the airport.  

Additionally if for some reason we are unable to accommodate your schedule it is easy to take a shuttle, car service, car rental, taxi, Uber / Lyft from Anchorage to Palmer.

The Lodge physical address is: 3525 Clark-Wolverine Road, Palmer, AK 99645 and Triple Point Expeditions will come up on a google map search.

That is entirely up to you. Many guests choose to arrive a day or two early. If you need to be picked up somewhere other than Ted Stevens please be sure to let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your desired location and timing. See below for questions about skiing on arrival day.

That is entirely up to you. Anchorage has numerous easy and convenient car rental options. Many guests like having the flexibility of their own car but it is certainly not necessary. We provide transportation for change over day logistics as well options throughout the week for activities like sightseeing or runs to town for incidentals.

A Triple Point team member will pick you up at the arrivals exit at the Anchorage Airport or your pre-determined Anchorage location and bring you to our lodge in Palmer. We will provide you with the team members number before you arrive. Please exit baggage claim on the lower level and go all the way to your left past baggage claim (1) one.
Here is an approximate location pin:

Check in time on your arrival day is after 5PM. Check out time is 10 am on your departure day.

Be sure to fill out your flight details and contact information in our pre-trip questionnaire so we can be sure to find you when you arrive.

A Triple Point team member will drive you to the airport on your departure day from Palmer.

Helicopter option: If you desire, we can pick up and drop off at the airport via the helicopter giving you the option of landing on the tarmac in your ski boots after a great day of skiing. This request can be accommodated with advance notice with a priority given to skiing. The Hobbs flight and ferry time will come out of your total Hobbs for the week.

Private Charter: Many private charters can land directly in Palmer or the Signature FBO in Anchorage. Please contact us for information regarding this option. We can land the helicopter next to your private aircraft and coordinate all the baggage transfers.

Pick Up Location Overview:

Pick Up Location Street Level:

Arrival day skiing is highly unlikely due to numerous factors but the most obvious being that the group currently in-house has priority to ski on their departure day and our team and resources are dedicated to them. Rest assured that this will be the same for you and your group on your departure day.

That being said, if the all the factors line up: the weather is conducive to flying, the group in-house has skied and is finished with their day, your group of 3 or 4 / 8 etc. is at the lodge and ready to go, you’ve been trained, briefed and there is enough daylight to operate, we will do our very best to get you out.

Please understand that it is highly unlikely for all the above factors to line up, but sometimes they do. It is our goal at TPX to fly every opportunity that we have and maximize your ski experience from the moment you arrive.

Knowing that it is possible for the factors to line up, guests can choose to arrive early and leave depart late (ie. Saturday night or early Sunday morning). You are responsible for your own accommodations, transportation, and meals on the early arrival nights as well the departure Saturday night. However this could potentially extend your opportunity of flyable days if circumstances allow. If you plan to do this please let us know so we are prepared.

Departure day skiing is another story and the logistics are much easier to accommodate. You are there trained up, ready to go and have been there all week. If conditions allow and weather permits we will take you skiing if you would like to go.

It is important to note that check out time from your room on departure day is 10 AM. We will leave shortly thereafter for the airport if your group is not skiing that day. If your group is skiing that day we will be back and departing by 4 PM. Therefore we recommend late evening flight departures or a changeable ticket if you would like to maximize this opportunity.

Skiing & Riding

Our permitted area spans over 9 million acres.

The terrain in Alaska is absolutely breathtaking. We have everything from big open bowls to steep spines. We will ski big long ramps, steep couloirs and powder glacier runs. There is truly something for everyone and every ability level. Keep in mind that almost all of our runs are above treeline. We have terrain that is close to the lodge as well numerous areas that we can access deeper in our zones. We will always go for the best skiing that is the best fit for our guests.

No. Most of our skiing is in the alpine. Treeline in Alaska ends around 1,500 to 2,000 feet and typically the skiing at this elevation and below is marginal at best. People come to Alaska to ski the alpine terrain, open bowls, steeps and glaciers that Alaska is known for. If you want to go tree skiing we suggest Canada.

Average runs are around 1,500 - 3,000 vertical feet. We typically ski between 8-12 runs a day per 4 pack. Although some groups have hit more than 20 runs in a day. 3,000 x 10 runs is about 30,000 vertical per day. Landings range from 6,000 to 8,000 feet and pickups are generally around 3,000 feet although we have skied to as low as 1,500 feet or sometimes even lower.

Absolutely. Alaska has terrain and skiing for everyone. We would recommend that you be at least an intermediate skier. From there, we have every level of terrain suited all the way up to extreme professional athletes. Our guides have the ultimate flexibility to choose terrain appropriate to you and your group because it is only you and three other people in the helicopter.

With a maximum of 8 people, or 2 groups sharing the helicopter, the pilot will be waiting for you. The only time you should expect to wait is at the start and end of the day when we are ferrying both groups in and out of the field. Additionally, if we need to get fuel during the day, the helicopter will go back to base to refill and then come back immediately into the field to service the groups.

Groupings & Pairings

We are a small operation maxing out at 8 guests. We have an intimate knowledge of all guests in-house and those that have booked. We recommend coming as a 3/4 or 8 pack. If that does not happen, and you come solo, we will do our absolute best to pair you accordingly with a similar group. It is in everyone's best interest that all guests skiing together have similar ability levels as well as mindsets. Although this is obviously out of our control, we will manage the factors that we can. If the group is not a good fit, we will adjust groups accordingly and make it right for everyone involved.

Yes, but we take groupings very seriously. If all the factors lineup and the group seems like a good fit we will take single bookings. (See Groupings.)

Yes, providing their abilities match and all are in agreement.


We fly Eurocopter A-stars B3 and B2’s. The A-Star is reliable, versatile and ideally equipped for Alaskan small group heliskiing.

This is small group heliskiing, so we have a pilot and guide in the front seats and a maximum of 4 guests in the back. The A-star is a uniquely equipped helicopter for skiing and all the guests will have views from the back seat.

As with most helicopter ski companies around the world we do not own our helicopters. Our helicopter provider holds a Part 135 FAA Certificate and supplies the aircraft, pilot and mechanic to support our helicopter ski operations.

The helicopter cost is based on actual flying time as measured on the Hobbs meter (“Hobbs time” or “Hobbs hours”) which is defined as the amount of time the helicopter actually flies. Hobbs time does not include those periods where the helicopter is idling or sitting on the ground in the field. Billed Hobbs time is based on a Daily Flight Report by the pilot, and is calculated to the 1/10th of an hour. Any estimated Hobbs totals provided to the customer by TPX staff are not guaranteed.

The helicopter Hobbs meter clocks time in flight. The amount of skiing possible for every hour of Hobbs time varies with the priorities of the group. Historically for single-load privates, 1-2.5 Hobbs hours are the typical range for an average day of skiing. For two-load privates, 2-3 Hobbs hours are the typical range for an average day of skiing.

TPX expects groups to utilize any and all opportunities to fly during their time with us. We will not extend Hobbs credit if skiing opportunities are missed due to any reason including: skiing ability, fitness, equipment failure, or personal choice. Hobbs credit will not be extended if you don’t come, miss flights or leave early.

Hobbs time is by far the best way to maximize your helicopter ski experience in Alaska. We do not track or bill by runs, vertical, days etc and solely focus on the best guest experience possible.

Hobbs time is broken in 1/10th of an hour as measured on the helicopter's Hobbs meter. Each guest pays up front for 1.5 hours of flight time if you book as an individual, double or triple. When 1.5 hours are combined with the 4 guests in your group the load will have collectively 6 hours to burn. Groups booking as a 4 pack can view this as 6 hours in total for the group. 12 Hobbs hours are allotted for a group of 8 and lastly 12 hours are allotted for a private buy-out.

Single Load Super Private - Average Daily use: 1-2.5 Hours collectively per day.

Double Load Private - Average Daily Use: 2-3 Hours collectively between both groups. This equates to 1-1.5 hours used per helicopter group / load per day.

**Please note a week with TPX is 100% custom and the above is based on our historical averages.

It is our belief that if you have gone into overage that you have a good problem. We do our best to maximize skiing and provide the ultimate experience. TPX was founded to ski as much as possible and if you want to keep going we are here to deliver.

We have found that 1.5 hours historically meets the perfect balance of a generous flight time allotment as well as budget and expenses considerations allowing our guest to experience the ultimate freedom and flexibility to maximize their heliski trip with us.

Please email us at: for current Hobbs Overage pricing. Additional Hobbs for the 2024 season are billed at a discounted rate and broken into 1/10th’s of an hour increments. Please note: this rate is subject to change based on fuel prices, helicopter availability, etc.

You will only pay for the hours you choose to go over your prepaid amount and you will only pay for what you actually fly. Each and every week is unique so there is really no way to accurately answer the exact overage question up front.

There is no pressure to go into overage and we do not expect guests to do so. That being said some groups certainly do go over. The amount of overage you could potentially incur is based on the customization of our packages that allow for unlimited freedom, group desires and requirements, fuel cycles, weather, snow conditions and much more. The helicopter is there for your exclusive use and you choose to go over that is up to you and or your group.

It is our goal to be as transparent as possible when it comes to Hobbs time and overage. We promise to inform you as frequently as you wish on your current Hobbs burn rate and give you a heads up as you get close to using your allotted hours.

Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds on unused flight time and highly recommend travel insurance.

We recommend: Travel Guard Insurance - Please follow the link to purchase your insurance. Many policies have specific time frames in order to guarantee coverage.

First and foremost we are built to ski and ride as much as possible. We are here for you and the other guests to provide the ultimate Alaska heli-ski experience. It is our goal to maximize every riding opportunity. The helicopter is available to you and your group to make the most of your vacation.

In an ideal situation, we would offer all guests a 100% refund or transfer at any time. However, TPX operates on very thin margins and the reality is that the front-load planning and organizing of the season requires contracts, commitments, logistics, staff time and bandwidth that carries a financial cost associated with the work. The helicopters, staff and lodge take a front end commitment on our part as well as our other partners requirements.  

There is financial risk involved for both TPX and for guests that, unfortunately, we cannot fully avoid. Therefore we STRONGLY recommend purchasing a trip insurance plan to help protect your investment and other expenses. We recommend: Travel Guard Insurance.

Packing & Gear

Check out the TPX Trip Packing List.

No. We provide top of the line airbags, beacons, shovels, probes and harnesses. Feel free to bring your own, but chances are good that we will just hand you our gear to use.

Helmet mounted GoPro’s are ok, but chest mounted cameras are prohibited. No WIFI enabled devices are allowed. Please review our safety policy before you pack.

Unfortunately drones and helicopters don’t mix well. Please leave them at home.

Yes. If you’d like to tour on activity days please bring your own gear. We are unable to provide this type of equipment. There is an REI and other specialty stores in Anchorage but finding the appropriate gear in Alaska is always a gamble and we recommend traveling with your own equipment.

Please Note: The use of touring gear and touring boots while helicopter skiing is highly discouraged.

We have a fleet of K2 skis that you can use, ranging from the high 170’s cm to the high 190’s cm. If you bring your own gear, bigger is typically better. We recommend a minimum of 108 mm underfoot and ideally bigger than that. Guests are typically skiing on or around the 120 mm range and up. Most guests typically size up in length as well as the runs are big and long in Alaska. Please note that YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN SKI BOOTS.

No. We have a fleet of BCA radiolink radios that you can use. As always, feel free to bring your own but we have plenty of these available for use.

Alaska in the spring is not typically arctic cold. Temps are relatively mild leading to big snow falls and a stable snowpack. At the lodge, you can expect to get into the 20’s F and 30’s F at night and early season it will typically snow down to sea level.

As the season progresses, it will warm up considerably in town. It will be much colder when you travel to 8,000 feet in a matter of minutes. In the mountains, the temps range from the 15’s F to mid 30’s F depending on aspect and elevation. In the sun, it is typically quite pleasant and the shade can be significantly cooler.

Traditionally, winds are relatively light but when you do have a breeze the temps can drop dramatically.

No, unfortunately we do not have the inventory to supply snowboards, touring skis or tele skis. YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST BRING THESE.

Location & Lodging

Our base of operations is Palmer, Alaska in the Knik River Valley. We are about 15 minutes from the town of Palmer.

Yes you can mail items to the lodge before your trip. Please mail items to:

Triple Point Expeditions
3525 N. Clark Wolverine Rd.
Palmer, AK 99645

We host a maximum of 8 guests per week.

Yes. Please ask us about non-skier prices and options.

Yes, we can drive you to and from town to make purchases, pick up alcohol, do personal shopping, etc. Please note if you have special dietary requests or restrictions it is essential that you note this in your onboarding forms so the chef is aware and our kitchen is properly stocked for your stay.

Palmer, Alaska is at an elevation of 233 ft.

Yes. It is high speed and always available. As is the case with everything in Alaska, it occasionally goes out or becomes spotty.

Yes. However, please note, for the enjoyment of all of our guests, we have a strict NO cell phone use in the lodge policy. You are free to take calls in your room or outside.

Yes we have both a hot tub, wood fired sauna and the fisherman’s suite has an electric sauna.

Yes we have 8 single bedrooms. Please note that some rooms share a bathroom.

Room Breakdown: 5 bedrooms have their own dedicated en suite bathrooms. 2 rooms share a bathroom with each other. One bedroom’s bathroom is connected to a common space but dedicated to that guest.

We have numerous masseuses that are on call and can come to the lodge. Advance notice is recommended and will do our best to accommodate your requests.

Health & Safety

Our detailed COVID-19 Operating Plan is available to all guests upon request. If you have any questions please ask us. We can provide a printed or emailed document. We require our clients to follow our COVID policies based on CDC recommendations and best practices to ensure the health and safety of our guests.

These may include but are not limited to:

  • Demonstrate Vaccination Status / Proof of Vaccination
  • Pre-trip negative COVID test
  • Participate in Abbott Rapid Testing throughout the week (on arrival at the airport and several times at the lodge)
  • Cooperate with us in forming “bubbles” with certain lodge staff and guests, and only interact with those in your bubble
  • Wear a mask when around other people and inside the lodge or helicopter
  • Hand washing
  • Social distancing
  • Respect other people and their COVID concerns
  • If you are feeling any signs or symptoms please inform staff member

Yes marajuana is legal at the state level in Alaska but it is obviously still illegal federally. That being said, our operations and safety management plan outline a zero tolerance policy with regards to drugs and alcohol around the helicopters and while in the mountains. If you are under the influence on days when we are flying or expect to fly you WILL NOT GO SKIING. This is for your safety and ours. What you do on your own time is up to you.

Yes. Once you have decided to book, and before we collect payment, we will send you a digital waiver. You will need to acknowledge that you have read and understood the document prior to us confirming your booking.

Yes. Shortly after arrival you will be required to attend our mandatory safety briefings.

Food & Dietary Restrictions

Yes we can accommodate any dietary requests with advance notice.

Yes. We will try to accommodate every request for special foods. As much advance notice is greatly appreciated. Our chefs provide excellent service and it is our goal to deliver amazing food. You will not leave hungry.

Yes you can bring or send your own alcohol. There is no surcharge or corkage fee if you bring your own alcohol.

Alternate Activities

Yes there are tons of alternative activities. Some options include:

  • Northern Lights Viewing
  • Dog Sledding
  • Scenic Flights
  • Surfing via Boat and Helicopter
  • Ice Cave Exploration
  • Ice Climbing
  • Local Ski Touring
  • Fat Biking
  • Fishing
  • Snowshoeing
  • Snowmobiling
  • ATV Tour
  • Wildlife Watching
  • Winter Photography
  • Native Cultural Experiences
  • Local Cuisine Exploration

This is not an exhaustive list. We will be happy to provide and facilitate just about anything. For additional info, visit our post about alternate activities.

**Please keep in mind that some of these will be billed in addition to your heliskiing package and are dependent on weather, season and group desires.

If you have other questions, comments or concerns please don’t hesitate to to reach out via email: We look forward to seeing you in Alaska for the trip of a lifetime.

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