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Want to gift like a TPX pro?

Check out our team’s ultimate gift giving guide that promises to deliver better than Santa ever could, ‘cause if you’re anything like the TPX crew, you’re already thinking about gearing up for the holiday season.
Amanda Bauman

We live in our gear and we love what do so we figured we'd help out with your holiday to do list. Read on for our annual staff recommended gear and gift guide to help with the upcoming winter season and be confident to please any shredder in your family.

Tucker Patton: TPX Founder & Owner

Top Picks: K2 Mindbender Skis 116, TNF Dawnstrike Jacket, Hestra Fall Line Glove

“In the backcountry, reliable gear is essential, and TNF consistently proves its worth in variable conditions. The Dawnstrike jacket is a lightly insulated technical shell that performs. I pair the TNF jacket with the classic Hestra Fall Line Glove for warmth and dexterity while skiing on the K2 MindBender 116. This is the ultimate guide kit that we continue to use year after year.”

Matt Scrivner: Lead Guide

Top Picks: Bialetti Moka, Yeti Tumbler, Deadman’s Reach AK Coffee

“Skiing may be my driving passion, but there's another love that fuels my daily routine—my morning coffee. Guiding demands intense concentration and unwavering focus. My secret weapon:? The Bialetti Moka Pot, paired with the reliable Yeti Lowball, to keep my brew smoking hot on frosty AK mornings. It's the perfect blend of tradition and technology, just like each day in the mountains.”

Finley: The Powder Hound

Top Picks: AlaSkins, YETI Dog Bowl, MuttMuffs

While Finley couldn’t speak to us directly, we’ve identified a few of her Alaskan favorites.  She adores AlaSkins, the tastiest canine treats, made from halibut specially curated for dogs. To keep her fueled and hydrated, she loves her Yeti dog bowls filled 24/7. And to protect her hearing during helicopter operations, she relies on her MuttMuffs: both functional and stylish.

Amanda Bauman: Concierge Services

Top Picks: Reflex Ski Poles, K2 Mindbender 116 Women’s Skis, Oakley Flight Path Goggles

Amanda can be found most mornings and nights in the lodge making sure guests have the best experience possible, but when she does manage to escape to the mountains, she knows the best gear is key. This package covers her from head to toe with some of our sponsor’s best sellers and most solid quivers. Pro Tip: fellas, this is what your ladies really want for the holidays

Interested in gifting the experience of a lifetime? It doesn’t get much better than the gift of a spot for this season or next. Contact us and we can set this up for you as the best gift ever for you or a loved one.

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