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Team Member Spotlight Series: Matt Scrivner

AMGA Guide & Operations
Amanda Bauman

Raised in Boise, Idaho Matt was fortunate to grow up with many opportunities to explore his local mountains from an early age. Fishing, hunting, mountain biking, family ski trips and backpacking were his first introductions to the wilds of his home state. Idaho is a state strewn with endless wilderness and he managed to land in the heart of it all when he moved to the veritable paradise of Stanley after high school.

A Journey Through The Sawtooths

If you’ve seen the granite skyline that jags across the front range of the Sawtooth Valley then you have invariably felt the pull to these mountains with the same namesake, the Sawtooths. This is the playground where Matt cut his teeth climbing and backcountry skiing. The area forged the ethos of quiet mountaineering and ingrained the philosophy of having fun and exploring, but at the end of the day don’t brag about your ascents or post detailed trip reports of the intricacies of your route, leave the adventure for the next person and those to come.

Matt’s drive led to achieving his dream job of year-round mountain guiding in an area that defined his childhood and would shape his future. Crediting a slew of extremely talented co-workers and mentors, Matt gained a wealth of knowledge over years of watching, learning and practicing. Always searching, refining, and exploring lead him to pursue his professional guide training with the American Mountain Guides Association curriculum as he looked to achieve a meaningful career path.

The AMGA Track

The AMGA or American Mountain Guide Association, is the American professional body that provides guide training and represents certified guides in the International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations. There are less than 200 AMGA certified guides in the US and acceptance into there ranks requires hard work, time and the mastery of ones craft.

The training is demanding and rightly so. It adheres to oversight and standards set forth by the IFMGA and once a guide has been tested through multiple disciplines they can call themselves a Certified Mountain Guide. Matt started his journey in 2013 and was “pinned” as a Certified Mountain Guide in 2021. It is one of his proudest accomplishments to date.

The American Mountain Guide training encourages continued industry work while completing the curriculum. While Matt was taking studying he was also learning the ins and outs of heli-ski operations. He started by working as a dispatcher, fueler and tail guide. His attention to detail and organizational skills were invaluable to the operations where he worked. He developed and implemented operational tools to streamline decision making for field staff. His interest naturally led him into the snow, avalanche and weather forecasting realm where he has operated as a lead forecaster for half a decade.

From Idaho to Alaska

While quiet mountaineering has dictated his approach with life, you’ll quickly find that skiing with Matt is anything but. Through all of his adventures across the world and years spent as a guide he has learned one thing: “The only thing better than skiing is more skiing!”

Alaska represents the pinnacle of skiing by any standard. The endless glaciers, massive snowfalls and untouched landscapes fuel his passion to return every year. It is a place where Matt is able to apply his professional skills and training on the ultimate canvas. From seeking the perfect descent for our guests to managing remote logistics and weather forecasting he has become an integral part of the TPX team. Alaska is a massive playground and Matt’s calm and collected demeanor is a welcome addition to our guest focused approach. He loves the shared excitement and camaraderie while delivering the goods and making heli-ski dreams a reality. His passion for Alaska is tangible and his professionalism is unmatched.

Matt feels intensely fortunate to become part of the TPX family where the company values every individual staff member. There is a commitment to excellence, safety and an unparalleled experience. This home away from home is where he sees himself returning to for many years to come.

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