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Founder: Tucker Patton
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Team Member Spotlight Series: Founder Tucker Patton

Triple Point Expeditions was founded by Tucker Patton in 2011. Tucker currently owns and operates the business and we figured the best place to start our Team Member Spotlight Series would be with the owner. Read on to learn about his journey…..

The Journey: A Pursuit of Excellence

Tucker's lifelong commitment to pushing boundaries, his unrelenting pursuit of excellence, and his constant need to challenge traditional norms have been nothing short of inspiring. His passion for exploration was fostered at a young age in Northern California, where he began surfing and snowboarding, honing his skills in the ocean and mountains through years of dedicated focus. This passion for the outdoors propelled him to embark on adventures to the most remote corners of our planet to surf, ski, and fish; eventually culminating in the foundation of Triple Point Expeditions.

Tucker's journey is marked by significant milestones, particularly within the realms of surfing and skiing. Early on, his athletic talent attracted sponsorships, and he embraced opportunities to challenge himself. Notably, he represented his college’s lacrosse and surf teams in competitions, consistently demonstrating exceptional skills and earning accolades on the field and in the waves. Nevertheless, his life path eventually led him away from the ocean in pursuit of distant mountains, a different pace and new challenges.

A fortuitous move to the Lake Tahoe area marked the beginning of a new trajectory and provided a vision for his future endeavors, goals, and eventual career. Making his home base in Palisades (formally Squaw Valley), Tucker shifted his focus predominantly to skiing and sought to learn from the best of the best. He was quickly drawn into the competitive culture and challenging terrain that Tahoe offered. Being home to some of the best skiers in the world, huge storms, and extreme terrain, it was the perfect training ground for developing as a skier and future guide. His passion for the ocean and mountains began steering him towards a career in the adventure travel industry, particularly helicopter skiing. One of his early goals was to land a tail guide and fueling job in Alaska in order to gain experience and solidify his future there.

Alaska - The Last Frontier and Beyond

Discovering Alaska opened Tucker’s eyes to what was possible in big mountain steep skiing and ignited a passion that has led him to return annually for the last two decades. The mountainous terrain was vast, endless, and untouched, with a deep and stable snowpack. Helicopters could put you in places one could only dream of accessing. It was a destination without limits, and the adventure travel dream took hold.

The subsequent impact that Alaska had on Tucker’s guiding career and future path cannot be understated. From the early years of washing dishes, fueling helicopters, and learning logistics, his trajectory was quickly set for years to come. It was a place where hard work was rewarded, and if you had the inclination to dream, anything and everything seemed possible.

After numerous seasons paying his dues and learning the industry, Tucker decided it was time to commit to guiding full-time/year-round. His journey began with a migration to New Zealand’s South Island, which allowed him to chase endless winters and immerse himself in new cultures far from home. The decade-plus spent in New Zealand further taught him about confidence, independence, remote logistics, variable snowpacks, challenging weather, genuine hospitality and the value of small group helicopter skiing.

During stopovers en route to and from New Zealand, he landed a gig as a “boatman” on Fiji’s Namotu Island, granting him access to incredible waves like Cloudbreak, Wilkes Passage, and Restaurants. He was moved by the vibrant Fijian culture, and thrived by challenging himself to learn new activities, including big wave water safety, photography, kiteboarding, paddle boarding, and spearfishing. In Fiji, he benefited from an education in flexibility, boutique hospitality, and the importance of considering alternate options when you can’t pursue a desired activity. His experiences in NZ and Fiji remain transformational, providing Tucker with the education, knowledge, confidence, and passion for hospitality that encouraged him to keep pursuing his evolving dream of starting a travel company.

From Tahoe to Ketchum: An Idaho Adventure

Tucker's journey has humbly afforded him the privilege of skiing, surfing, and fishing in some of the most awe-inspiring locations across the globe including: Fiji, Tahiti, Japan, Canada, Antarctica, Indonesia, New Zealand, Belize, Costa Rica, Ecuador, the Galapagos, Mexico, Thailand, Argentina, Chile, France, Germany, Spain, England, Italy, The Czech Republic, Africa, the East and West Coasts of the United States, Hawaii and more. However, his life took on a new meaning when he and his wife, Mollie, decided to put roots down in Idaho.

Idaho provided new opportunities in the outdoors, where Tucker kept himself motivated by joining the Ketchum Fire Department, guiding backcountry skiing and fly- fishing, and embracing western big game hunting in the mountains. Tucker’s extensive knowledge continues to play an integral role within the Wood River Valley, where he offers his expertise teaching avalanche courses to fellow firefighters and community members. While he remained deeply passionate about surf and ski travel, the evolving circumstances of life caused Tucker to take pause and course correct to a more direct path focused on skiing and building Triple Point Expeditions.

Triple Point Expeditions - A Dream Realized

Tucker's diverse adventures laid the foundation for Triple Point Expeditions. His world knowledge and experiences enabled him to establish a business that embodies his passion for skiing, culture, travel, and adventure. After 15 years of guiding in Alaska and acquiring a wide breadth of knowledge, he founded an operation aligned with his unique vision of boutique heli-skiing, emphasizing exceptional locations, and world-class terrain. His passion for skiing, hospitality, and shared experiences with others form what is today the heli-ski operation he dreamed of decades ago. Triple Point Expeditions stands as a boutique lodge offering unique 8-day stays, a world-class chef, and an unwavering commitment to safety. As an operation, we proactively prepare for the most challenging scenarios, ensuring daily readiness, and maintaining an exclusive focus on delivering extraordinary skiing experiences.

Tucker is grateful for the team that surrounds him. The establishment of a ski operation of this caliber has attracted the best guides in the industry—individuals who continue to shape and refine Triple Point Expeditions into the thriving operation it is today. Tucker believes in his team and is inspired by their commitment to the TPX mission. Bringing a dream to fruition requires vision, and making it exceptional necessitates a world-class team. We consider ourselves fortunate and humbled to possess both.

As time progresses, and his family has grown, Tucker envisions a world of skiing, surfing, fishing, adventure and travel, this time sharing his love with his wife and three young children.

We can’t wait for you to join us in exploring Alaska this season, where our mission is simple: to cultivate the ultimate Alaskan heli-ski experience.

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