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2023 Season Recap

2023 Was a Year To Remember!
Amanda Bauman

The 2023 season has drawn to a close and summer is in full swing, but we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the incredible adventures and achievements that made last winter truly unforgettable. We are proud to say that Triple Point Expeditions completed another successful season, catering to passionate skiers from around the world.

Read on for a quick recap of our season, highlighting the amazing skiing, new partnerships, dedicated staff, and our excitement for what lies ahead in 2024.

The Experience

The TPX mission centers around offering skiers and riders an incredible Alaska experience and the heli-ski trip of a lifetime. The 2023 season was no exception, with guests enjoying an array of unforgettable days in the mountains. From naming first descents in new zones to carving through deep powder in the Chugach, our guests continued to revel in the remarkable skiing opportunities that only Alaska can provide. Exceptional snow conditions constantly delivered from start to finish and every week was as memorable as the last.

Our Guests

We extend a warm thank you to both new and returning guests from around the world who joined us during the 2023 season. It was a pleasure to share the beauty and excitement of Alaska helicopter skiing with individuals who traveled far and wide to experience the uniqueness of our operation. Your presence and enthusiasm enriched our season, reminding us of the universal love for adventure and the unifying power of the mountains. We eagerly await the chance to welcome you back  as we continue to share the magnitude of Alaska with skiers and riders worldwide.

The Kids Made It To AK!

Owner Tucker Patton had the joy of fulfilling a lifelong dream as he welcomed his entire family, including his 3 young kids three kids, for the first time. Witnessing their excitement as they explored the Alaska together, sharing laughter and thrilling adventures, their visit truly enriched our heli - ski operation. Tucker is excited to continue creating unforgettable experiences for his family and getting them more involved in the operation as they grow older!

The All Star TPX Team

As always our passionate and experienced team played a pivotal role in the season's success. Familiar faces such as Chef Taite, Kevin Bibby, Chris Marshall, Pat McCormick, and Tom Willmot, along with new additions including Amanda Bauman, Ed Binne, Matt Scrivner, Pilot Devo, Pilot Turner, and our intern Jack Verhege, contributed their unique skills and perspectives to enrich the overall experience for our guests. We truly appreciate their hard work and dedication and we couldn't do it without our All-star team.

Increased Demand

As word spreads about the remarkable experiences we offer, we were grateful to witness an increase in demand in bookings, attracting both new and returning guests. We are pleased to announce that all eight weeks of guest slots were fully booked, reflecting the trust and confidence our guests place in our operation and the magical experiences we are grateful to provide. Thank you for believing in us and spreading the word about TPX.

Pathfinder Aviation

We are pleased to have welcomed Pathfinder Aviation as our new helicopter provider in 2023. Their expertise and commitment to safety ensured our guests had reliable and efficient helicopters as well as professional pilots enabling us to continue to access awe-inspiring skiing.

Collaborating with Pathfinder Aviation elevated the overall experience as each week enjoyed the nimbleness that only the A-star can provide whether it be accessing the mountains or scenic flights through Alaska's rugged landscapes.


We extend our gratitude to the brands that have supported us throughout the years: Yeti, K2, BCA, Hestra, Oakley, Decked, and The North Face are among the best brands in the outdoor industry.

We truly value our ongoing partnerships and appreciate their contributions to our operation.


The 2023 season marked numerous milestones for our Palmer, Alaska helicopter skiing operation. From carving through awe-inspiring terrain to our collaboration with Pathfinder Aviation, the season exceeded expectations on every level. Our dedicated team played an instrumental role in ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience for our guests. With ideal snow conditions and the anticipation of new exploration, we eagerly look forward to the 2024 season.

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